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3 Tips for Principals Who Are Ready to Engage Their Teachers in Professional Growth

You’re not in Hollywood, so you can’t rely on flowery speeches to motivate your people to grow. It requires smart, intentional planning to achieve those goals. Fortunately, it’s a pretty simple formula for what it takes on your part as an administrator to help your teachers grow. Let’s take a look at 3 simple tips to help your teachers achieve lasting professional growth.

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What Bill Gates Learned About Teacher Evaluations and Professional Development

The findings from the project were compiled independently by the Rand Corporation and came to 3 startling conclusions: 1) teacher evaluations did not lead to improved student achievement and 2) teacher evaluations did not lead to improved teacher effectiveness and 3) teacher evaluations did not improve the retention rate of effective teachers.

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Teacher Evaluation DNA #3 - Embedded and Individualized Coaching

 All content is offered through the iAspire Assistant and is curated, research-based, and actionable. Teachers can start implementing the coaching immediately, and various types of media, including videos, articles, and websites, are used to help the teacher gain the skillet, mindset, and heartset to make an even bigger impact in their classroom.

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