Hi, I’m the iAspire Assistant, a new approach to teacher evaluation that actually helps you achieve growth

As your teacher evaluation assistant, I will coordinate all of the regular activities in your process and communicate with the right people at the right time, leaving you free from the hassles of clunky software


I’ll help you get the results you deserve


Your process

Do things your way, but I’ll help you stay on track and get things done

Growth plans

I’ll help you and your team set, pursue, and achieve their most important goals

Observation cycles

I’ll provide guidance throughout your preparation, classroom observations, and follow up activities

Assisted observations

I’ll use machine-learning to suggest comments and tags so you can focus on the classroom

Embedded coaching

I’ll offer individualized micro-learning experiences based on your observations and the teacher’s growth plan

Insight reports

I’ll automatically deliver answers to your most pressing process and performance questions


Your Process

The iAspire Assistant will learn your process

  • I’ll customize your entire experience based on your forms, your rubrics, and your process

  • I’ll keep everyone on track to get things done and let you know how it’s going along the way

  • I’ll guide everyone on what they need to do and when they need to do it


Growth Plans

The iAspire Assistant will help you achieve your most important goals

  • We’ll create goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound

  • Our goals will be teacher-driven, mutual, and collaborative

  • We’ll track progress and celebrate achievements


Observation Cycles

The iAspire Assistant will guide everyone through their observations

  • I’ll help with each type of observation you have, from simple walkthroughs to self reflections to formal evaluations

  • I’ll automatically manage all activities so you are free to focus on your students and teachers


Assisted Observations

The iAspire Assistant allows you to stay focused on the classroom

  • I’ll predict phrases and indicators to make your observations faster and more accurate

  • All suggestions will be relevant to your context: framework, rubric, school, subject, state, and much more

  • You can leverage the wisdom of the broader education community through my exclusive eDNA mapping, which is already built-in


Embedded Coaching

The iAspire Assistant will proactively offer coaching to your people

  • Coaching is individualized based on growth plans and feedback from observations

  • I’ll deliver micro-learning experiences to keep the coaching top-of-mind

  • I’ll be sure all coaching is research-based and collaborative for maximum effectiveness


Insight Reports

The iAspire Assistant helps you make better decisions through deep insight

  • I’ll automatically deliver to you reports that answer your most pressing questions

  • I’ll help you understand your process, performance, and engagement

  • I’ll let you focus your time and efforts where they matter most

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